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Thursday, August 23, 2007


more like up-Chuck

This Fall NBC has yet another chance to try and reclaim the coveted number one network spot, but from the look of this pilot, it's going to have to try even harder. I know it's not always fair to judge a book by it's cover or a series by it's pilot, but the premise of Chuck is just so flimsy that I can't see it sustaining a whole season, let alone an entire series.

Chuck is about a self proclaimed computer nerd (Zachary Levi) who enjoys his simple life working at "BUY MORE," as a techie helping people with all sorts of gadget-related issues. He doesn't have too much in the way of professional aspirations, he's awkward with women, and has so much social anxiety he tries to escape his own birthday party before being dragged back into the house by his sister. On the night of his party an old college buddy sends him an email containing all of the CIA's secrets encoded in millions of pictures. Unknowingly, Chuck opens the email and unbeknownst to him, the secrets are instantly downloaded into his brain, making him Enemy #1.

It seems as though NBC is trying to strike gold with these types of shows - all of this fall's pilots seem to revolve around an innocent, sweet, protagonist who has some sort of special circumstances forced on him or her, without any say in the matter. This pilot has the flimsiest of plots. I can accept a man randomly traveling through time or a woman who suddenly has super powers because of bionic limbs before I am willing to suspend disbelief that by looking at some pictures one person can posses all of our nations secrets. I just don't buy it. There's a lot more going on that's too hard to believe, first of all, why would a Stamford engineering student choose to still be making 11 dollars an hour seven years after graduating!? That might seem like a simple idea, but if he had enough going for him that he would get into such a promising program, why would he be so satisfied doing a job that millions of high school kids could do?

After the episode was over I was so thankful I could move onto something else. Levi is endeering enough to keep me interested in him, but it's too bad the rest of show is so week that other than this one episode, I probably won't be watching much of the season.

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