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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Pre-Oscar thoughts

So I’m sitting here watching ABC’s pre-Oscar show, something which honestly I don’t always do. And to be perfectly honest it’s making me very upset. I love Hollywood and all the glitz and glam that it’s famous for. I love to get excited for this show and get all wrapped up in the history, glamour and beauty of it and celebrate some of the best filmmaking. Perhaps I’m feeling a bit of nostalgia for a bygone era of Hollywood where the stars embraced their place popular culture.

So much has now changed and I’m not sure what to make of it. Natalie Portman just declared how while people at home wish they could be all glammed out and dressed up for a big night out while the actresses there actually wish they could be in sweats, without makeup and with messy hair. I mean please, how about a little bit of gratitude, Nat? She has gotten some of the best press and accolades for her body of work and to make that declaration makes her seem like such a spoiled brat. I agree that the hosts of these preshows often come across as vapid, shallow and awkward when interviewing these stars. But the stars should not stoop to those levels and pander to the ridiculous questions that they are asked.

Another new element introduced into the show, in an effort to be more “relevant” to the young viewers is link to facebook and twitter and allow fans to post their own questions to be asked to their favorite stars. All of these, to me, take away from the façade of glamour of Hollywood and the superstars that we watch. Let’s remember and embrace what Hollywood really means -- the Potemkin Village of glamour and beauty and untouchable stars who are shallow but love what they do and are happy to be the face of unruffled beauty who would never even consider admitting to relaxing in sweatpants. In our current culture of over exposure and information sharing, how about we leave some things to our imaginations – the illusion of Hollywood. After all, isn’t that what “the movies” are all about anyway?

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