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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Symmetry in Motion

If there ever was any doubt that cinema and cinematic technique was a real art form, adhering to and at the same time forging its own visual language this video will explain it.  Kubrick is masterful in his composition: building his shots by paying the closest attention to mise en scene, framing and camera position.  This montage expertly splices together Kubricks films to highlight his acumen for framing and how to elicit emotional responses based on that composition.

Specifically, in this montage Kubrick's use of the one-point perspective is highlighted. The stark symmetry these shots offer allow for a broad view of the scene at hand yet are restricting at the same time.  While the viewer thinks he is getting the whole picture (literally and figuratively) he is not and that causes unease (often times that unease is subconscious).  Kubrick was a master of making his viewers uneasy and this supercut shows off that talent. 


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