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Monday, June 20, 2011

Jon Stewart Takes on Fox News (again)

Jon Stewart does it again. He is eloquent and articulate in the face of Fox News' Chris Wallace.

Best line: "The embarrassment is that I'm given credibility in this world because of the disappointment that the public has in what the news media does. Not because I have an ideological agenda."

Stewart aptly states his frustration with the bias towards sensationalism that 24-hour news has created and feeds off of. News has not become about reporting on incidents and offering insights. Rather, it has evolved to guiding a narrative that boosts ratings based on the need to offer the viewer something based in conflict. Wallace has chosen not to acknowledge that Stewart takes on both Fox News and, what he sees as their counterpart on the other side of the spectrum, MSNBC. Stewart's on air ideology might seem to be based on anti-conservativism, but long standing viewers of Stewart's show know that he call out anyone who insists on perpetuation of on-air insanity based outside of actual news reporting.

I don't have much more to's kind of long, but I highly recommend watching this. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Danny said...

I was happy Wallace called Stewart out for his "I'm only a comedian" defense he frequently employs. At the same time, Wallace was "insane" to ask Stewart to be an ombudsman for all the liberal media when it comes to Diane Sawyer or anyone else making errors in their reporting. What's Wallace expect Stewart to say or do about it?

All in all, I agree with Stewart's contention that the news media has dumbed down to appear to be closer to comedic shows. That's the only reason these two men even remotely resemble each other in their pursuits and passions.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't think that South Park is funny?