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Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Emmys!

I generally love award shows.  I love the pomp and circumstance.  I love the fashion - both terrible and awesome.  I love the acceptance speeches, especially when the winners cry/ramble/feign shock and awe.  But admittedly, they generally tend to be quite repetitive and follow pretty much the same formula year in and year out.  This year, I will say, was an exception.  The Emmy producers found innovative and interesting ways to keep the show feeling fresh.  Jane Lynch was a great host - there when you wanted her and gone when she wasn't needed.

It was also great seeing so many of my favorites win.  Modern Family with pretty much the sweep was so satisfying.  It's such a great show with clever writers and great characters.  Well deserved.  In the drama category, I LOVED that Kyle Chandler won for Friday Night Lights and I admit to shrieking just a bit when he did.  The little show that could also won for best writing, but unfortunately Connie Britton didn't score a win and Mad Men beat it for best drama, but hey, beggers can't be choosers.  (Although I will say the recent Matthew Weiner/AMC/Mad Men drama has soured the show a little bit for me and I would have liked to see the show lose to bring it down a few notches, ego-wise.)  Jon Stewart won everything in his category, which was not a surprise, and still deserved.  Even after 9 consecutive wins, his show stays fresh, interesting, and informative.

Below are some of my favorite moments.  Did you have any favorites?

The Opening:

I love how many shows got on board with participating.  The reference to Newton Minow's "Vast Wasteland" speech was excellent (which I'm sure was lost on most people watching the telecast).

 Best Actress, Comedy:

I wish I could find the announcement of the names, because honestly that was amazing, but this "beauty pageant" conceit was great.  I loved the sense of camaraderie on stage (which I'm sure speaks to their acting abilities) and when Melissa McCarthy won (which, lets be honest, was for Bridesmaids) she was so honestly taken by surprise and Amy Poehler's support was so genuine that it was one of the biggest highlights of the night.

Kyle Chandler's win for Best Actor, Drama:

The girls from the new Charlie's Angels along with Drew Barrymore presented this award.  I'd be willing to bet that this is the last time that show is going to be honored by the Academy in any way, but it was so nice seeing Lyla Garrity (aka Minka Kelly) get to present this award to Coach Taylor.  I only wish he had remembered to thank Tami before the mic went out...

Lonely Island Medly:

Why was this so much funnier than when it aired originally on SNL?  I love Michael Bolton's gravitas as though he is performing an important piece of art.  Chill dude.  The giant American Flag and general USA jingoism mockery was hilarious, especially coming off the recent CNN debates.  Oh, and thank you Emmys for finding a place for Uncle Jesse.  Hearts.

In Memoriam:

This is always my favorite part of any awards show.  Honoring  those who paved the way for today's television and  and appreciating those who came before us is so important.  I love that they continue to include it in the telecast when they are constantly making changes to encourage younger viewers.  The musical accompaniment was beautiful.  So tasteful and so poignant. 

Modern Family, Outstanding Writing in a Comedy:

Now I understand why this show is so brilliantly funny.  The hilarious comedic timing of Steve Levitan's wife!!  Loved this. 

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