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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Beauty and the Beast "Bonjour" Spoof

Spoofs on existing media is all the rage these days, and for good reason, they can be really awesome.  The clip below is the latest video making its way around the interwebs.  Sounding a lot like Honey Badger, this one takes on the iconic opening song of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Check it out.

There are so many great lines in here, and while probably NSFW, I was LOLing at my desk.  She sings about her town of  "queens and homos" as they yell "Hey Girl!" to her.  "I can hear you bitches" to the women who call her peculiar.  My favorite?  When she tells the sheep who eats her book that she's going to make it into a sweater. This is just brilliant!

Each time I've watched it (I'm up to 3x) I find new gems which make me shake with laughter.   It's awesome, I love it.  Just watch.

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